*NOTE - See the SWAMI at the bottom of THIS page for show dates! We are playing THE RIPPERS in AKRON July 9th

Greetings , we bid you welcome to the (return of) the OFFICIAL Passing Time homepage. Feel free to poke around and come back often because we are going to be updating this site quite frequently. Below is our bio, some pictures, and more links that you are going to want to explore - such as Knightstalker Records who you will read about in our bio below. Please contact us at (links will be added) and we thank you for your interest in our band. We are taking a break to record our new EP in our totally rebuilt, professional quality, cutting edge studio. Dj Arum and Sam I Be Di Gangi are co-producing it. Big, BIG things are happening and YOU are the reason. May God bless you.

Passing Time rose like a pheonix from the ashes of Canton, Ohio's first consistenly performing original Industrial/Alt-Metal band, Jaws Of Victory (JOV). In the late 1990's, Sam I Be Di Gangi decided to write what he called "The Worlds Darkest Techno" while attempting to rebuild JOV at a time when techno was anything BUT dark. Early shows consisted of Sam on keys playing instrumental songs (a few of which are still done, such as "We Still Remember Forbush" for the now deseased Grand Daddy Techno who brought rave to Cleveland) with Jeremy Bible of Experimedia fame spinning ambient noise tracks between songs in the era of load times. As the shows trickled in for Passing Time, prospects of a JOV reformation looked more unlikely and as the internet grew the "Passing Time" name - the name stuck. In time, Dan Reese (aka Billy D Bass)of Jaws of Victory re connected. This happened shorty after Dj Arum had replaced Jeremy Bible - who left to pursue his awesome music - in the band. Dj Arum had been triggering loops from a tower computer(!) and later moved into keyboards, shared vocals on many tracks, and later the theremin. The band has actually grown into exactly what JOV would have had it never broken up with Arum who was often assisting JOV and Billy D - a primary writer in JOV - both onboard. The band has grown to be as much progressive in nature due to the extensive and rather complicated solo work that often changes a bit live, the tendency to write in multiple keys, experiment with song structure, and alter moods with regularity. For this reason the band has taken to calling the style "Progressive Industrial" allowing for the (now) mildy sequenced electronic feel along with various other instruments live. All of the bands major parts are played live and only the electronics needed to created the mood are kept,moreso on newer tracks. Passing Time's lyrics have expanded as well with topics ranging from politics (of which Sam is a proud Libertarian which shows in his lyrics), the Bermuda Triangle, greed, the mind rot that passes for music on the radio, ghosts, break up's, and many, MANY more. In fact, Passing Time offers some of the most cutting edge, well written, carefully crafted lyrics extant in music today with more topics covered than can be listed easily. Musically, the core of Passing Time has for quite some time been;

We Bid Thee Welcome Dj Arum on Keyboards, theremin, vocals, some sequencing (mostly on older works), and live sample minipulations - the latter of which is also done live by the bands singer Serenity as well. In his bio you will find that he is the engineer of the band and also insight into just what it IS that he is doing behind that rack of gear!

We Bid Thee Welcome Dan Reese , the glue that holds the frantic sound together, and one of the primary song writers of the band along with Sam, Dan in many ways IS the Passing Time sound. You will find the reason for that in his bio.

We Bid Thee Welcome Sam (I Be) Di Gangi on keyboards, vocals, sequencing, and all out rebellion. He is the "heavy metal meets jazz freak of keyboard wizardry". His bio will give you a hint into this somewhat differently wired mind.

The newest members are:

We Bid Thee Welcome Serenity on vocals, some keyboards, live sample manipultions as mentioned above...and BELLY DANCING! The band usually has multiple singers on any given song and Serenity has kept the Male/Female sound that was so loved in JOV alive in Passing Time. Her antics - and tastefully erotic style live are loved by many and her coming bio page will be a MUST read

We Bid Thee Welcome Knowsys , the live percussion end of Passing Time, is the newest member. Known in Ohio for his astounding rapping skills which he shows in his project of the same name, Knowsys brings a live and electronic element BOTH to Passing Time. His coming bio will tell you about his programming for Passing Time on a coming cover as well as how his lyrical prowess benifits the band.

SEE THE FUTURE Swammi says, "OH, I see PASSING TIME kicking major ASS at THE RIPPERS in Akron on July 9, 2016. Get there early, because my ball says that they go on first, and my ball(S) are never wrong..."